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Learning programming in Coders Lab allowed me to develop my projects

Before the course, I worked in various factories mainly related to the automotive industry. While learning on the course I worked as an installer of 3D printers. I also happened to be a student at PWR at the Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering.

I was motivated to participate in the course by my work situation at the time (installer of 3D printers), as I had had enough of switching positions. I simply wanted to have a quieter job. The decision to enrol in the course was very easy as I had already tried my hand at programming - many years ago I tried to learn BASIC and Turbo Pascal.

The course showed me how little I knew

My impressions after the course are very positive. The course opened my eyes to many issues that I had no idea about, or simply explained to me how to use certain technologies. It brightened up a lot and, paradoxically, showed me how little I knew. The idea of homework was good, it's always some extra experience.

The presentations were the only thing I could complain about. They were not interactive enough, sometimes I thought I didn't understand what was written in them. The module related to React was the most challenging for me, it made me a bit nervous.

I decided that I would try to work on my development studio and non-commercial game development

After the course, I only answered one ad and that was it. I didn't change my job, I continue to install 3D printers. Finally, work has stopped irritating me so much - I can unwind by creating my own projects.


I decided that I would first try to tackle my ideas under the banner of my own unofficial "development studio". The studio for creating games was set up even before the course - more as a hobby than for a living.

However, the course itself added quite a bit to my knowledge, which I now use in my projects.

Szymon Cendecki
Szymon Cendecki
Javascript course graduate

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